Industrial Compressed Gases, Cryogenic Liquid Dewars, & Bulk Delivery Systems

Superior Welding Supply Company offers a complete line of industrial compressed gases, cryogenic liquid dewars, and bulk delivery systems. Our highly trained team of specialists can provide you with the guidance, support, and training to ensure that you have the right product, when you need it. As an independent gas distributor, we can offer the highest level of service to all of our customers.

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Specialist’s in Gases

  • Bulk Gases
  • Industrial Gases
  • Specialty Gases
  • Laser Mixes
  • Nitrogen Purge Systems
  • Dedicated Specialty Gas Lab
  • Manifold & Piping System
  • Gas Apparatus Expertise
  • Computerized Cylinder Tracking
  • Pipeline Pressure Testing
  • Gas Systems Tailored to Your Specific Needs

We can supply your gas needs from small portable cylinders, liquid dewars, or large bulk supply systems specifically designed and sized for your on-site location. We also have the ability to provide you with the technical support for standard and specialty welding applications. Regardless of your welding needs of industrial applications, Superior Welding Supply can supply quality gas, superior service, safety training and educational seminars.

At Superior Welding Supply, we can supply you with a wide variety of gases in various forms, mixtures, cylinders, and gas storage systems. These include Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Acetylene, and Propylene.

We can provide you with Ultra High Purity Gases, Laser Gases, EPA Protocol Gases and even the little Scotties or disposable cylinders for your testing and monitoring equipment.

Save Money · Be Safer · Cut Better And Faster

We take pride in getting you the right gas for your application. We fill most of our cylinders at our main location in Waterloo. If your production requires a gas or gas mixture that we are unable to produce at our facility, we can obtain any product that you may require from one of our suppliers, allowing you one supplier for all your gas needs.

As your usage grows, high pressure cylinders can be replaced with bulk liquid cylinders to large bulk tanks that are piped to welding and/or cutting stations throughout your plant. This means higher production time and a lower overall cost. Superior Welding Supply Co. has the staff and tools to analyze gas usage to determine the benefit of bulk gases at your facility.

Laser Gases

We offer a large variety of Laser assist gas options, from High Pressure cylinders to large applications using a trifecta. In 2014, Superior Welding Supply Co. added a Specialty Gas Laboratory to their Fill Plant in the Waterloo branch, to fill in house many of the resonator gases that are in use today. Superior Welding Supply Co. also handles all of the related gas apparatus that is used with most Laser Manufacturers.

We have a comprehensive range of high quality gases, laser gases, mixtures, and process gases. Qualified technicians are on staff to help you select the most cost effective equipment for your application.

Our major gas supplier, Messer, is a world leader in Laser technology and Superior Welding Supply Co. personnel work hand in hand with Messer.

Beverage Service/CO2

Superior Welding Beverage Division provides beverage quality CO2 for soda systems and quality mixtures of gases for beer and wine dispensing. Our beverage division serves restaurants, convenience stores, fast food chains, and bars throughout our territory. We also sell nitrogen for wine dispensing systems and Nitrogen/CO2, “Beer Gas”, for draft beer systems.

High volume customers are serviced with Bulk CO2. These systems are filled from the outside.

  • No interruptions of service.
  • Convenience
  • No down time switching out cylinders
  • Safety

Our beverage division also supplies Helium to many of the party and flower shops within our territory for their entire balloon filling needs.

Fuel Gas

Propylene vs. Acetylene

Why Use Propylene? Propylene is a multi-purpose industrial fuel gas offering economy, safety and performance. Superior Welding sells polymer-grade propylene, the purest and most productive of the three grades of propylene offered by the petrochemical industry. Propylene’s flame characteristics are superior to many other liquefied fuels. It can be used for flame cutting, heating, flame hardening, brazing, soldering, metalizing, and other operations using oxygen-fuel and air-fuel flames

Flame Cutting

Propylene advantages are most easily demonstrated on flame cutting machines and with handheld torches. The principle advantages of flame cutting with propylene are increased production, lower cutting costs and improved edge quality.

Have you ever thought of converting your oxy-fuel cutting torch from acetylene to propylene? It can be a really good move for some people. But like anything else, it has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • More stable and safer than acetylene and no 15 psi limit on working pressures
  • More btu’s of heat for heating large parts and thick metal
  • Cuts metal quickly and with a very long tip to work distance
  • Acetylene prices are rising much faster than propylene
  • Better heat transfer properties than acetylene
  • No withdrawal rate limitations
  • Cylinder ratio is 5 cylinders of acetylene equal to 1 cylinder of Propylene


  • Can’t gas weld with it…too much pressure and too much flow rate to weld metal with any quality
  • Requires different tips and T grade hose
  • Slight learning curve on lighting and setting the torch


Propylene is very stable. It does not react with copper; it is insensitive to shock; it will not decompose in the absence of oxygen. Besides being nontoxic, it has narrow explosive limits in air. For converting to propylene type fuel gas, use the manufacturer’s tip chart to select the right cutting or heating tip and set the fuel and oxygen gauges to what the tip chart dictates. The pressure settings might be very different from what you are accustomed to with acetylene.

Call Superior Welding to set up a demonstration to see the advantages of Propylene.