Fire Protection

Superior Fire Protection provides fire protection equipment and service to all over the state of Iowa. At Superior we install and maintain all types of fire protection equipment and fire protection systems at reasonable prices while demonstrating unmatched professionalism in installation and service. If you need fire suppression equipment inspections and services, count on Superior Fire Protection.

Superior Fire Protection Equipment
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Portable Fire Extinguishers

Superior Fire Protection services and maintains all types of fire extinguishers, providing all required periodic fire extinguisher inspection, service and maintenance, including: recharge, repair, fire hose testing re-coupling, high and low pressure hydrostatic testing.

Superior Fire Protection is an authorized distributor of Ansul Wheeled and hand portable fire extinguishers. Only the best commercial-grade fire extinguishers are available and we stand behind every one we sell. From the economically priced Ansul Sentry line of dry chemical and CO2 fire extinguishers, to the Clean Guard “Clean Agent” extinguisher (Halon 1211 replacement) and Ansul Red Line industrial grade hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, we offer an extensive product line to suit every need, with a focus on commercial and industrial fire extinguisher applications.

Types of fire extinguisher include: Water & Foam, Water Mist, Wet Chemical, Regular Dry Chemical, ABC Muli-Purpose, Purple K, Carbon Dioxide, Clean Guard Extinguishers, High Performance Dry Chem & Class D Dry Powder fire extinguishers.

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Superior Fire Protection offers one of the finest names in the business – Ansul.

Architects and kitchen designers appreciate the fact that the Ansul R-102 System is designed with aesthetics in mind. The R-102 System’s exclusive stainless steel enclosure blends right into the surroundings of today’s modern kitchens.

Ansul’s five year limited warranty makes it five times better than any other restaurant system. In addition, the first major servicing of the system, which includes both a regulator pressure test and hydrostatic test of the tank, doesn’t come up for 12 years. that’s a real money-saving advantage!

Superior also carries the Ansul Piranha Fire Suppression Sytem. Due to its rapid flame knockdown, securing, and cooling effects; Piranha systems offer many advantages over traditional fire protection systems. The extremely fast cooling process of the Piranha reduces the temperature of the cooking oil or grease below its auto ignition temperature. That’s about 15 times faster than conventional wet chemical systems where the fuel may remain hot enough to reignite for as long as 15 minutes after discharge.